John J Robinson

HCI Researcher

About Me

I'm currently a PhD student at the University of Washington working on HCI and social media research. I am advised by Kate Starbird.

My interests broadly include collaborative systems and sense-making. Using mixed-methods approaches, I explore, design, and build systems to improve decision-making both individually and collaboratively. I am especially interested in the process of sense-making under uncertainty, especially in the crisis context. I currently work with Kate Starbird to understand social media usage during crisis events, which often have elements of uncertainty as an event unfolds. Our goals are to better understand the phenomena of collaborative sense-making at large scales, and to use machine learning to detect signals of misinformation.

In the past, I've also worked as a software developer at companies from early startup to large corporation. These projects have included the earliest internet streaming audio/video devices at Philips and visual developer tools at Altova. I have also worked on games, mobile apps, and websites at Microsoft.

I've also spent years volunteering with several organizations including Aids Hilfe Vienna, Life-long Aids Alliance, and Lambert House.


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